FairWin has developed a game prototype with Spine 2D animation

February, 27th

At the moment the FairWin team is actively working on a game prototype called “Yggdrasil”. In the Scandinavian mythology Yggdrasil is the tree of the Universe that connects worlds. Here the gods decide the destinies of people, it is a place where the past, the present and the future meet. “Yggdrasil” can be translated as “Odin`s horse” and looks like an ash or yew.

Our world tree will look something like this, and all the things that will happen to it in the game process will come alive with the help of the Spine technology.

Spine is a program that helps to create 2D skeletal animation. This tool is perfect for beginning game designers as well as for professionals. Spine does not just simplify the process of animating characters, it makes animation more natural and dynamic.

The animation creation principle in Spine is extremely simple. You create a basic “skeleton” and move the “bones”, that is, different parts, in different directions over a certain period of time, to model different poses and imitate movement.

Another advantage of Spine is that you can animate one skeleton and use it to make different characters. Naturally, they will move in the same way. This makes the process of creating animation in games and cartoons extremely easy.

Spine animations store only the bone data, which is very small. That is why it needs less memory and disk space.

The FairWin game designers have fully appreciated the simplicity and convenience of Spine. Very soon you will see how this program works on the example of the “Yggdrasil” game, developed on the FairWin platform.