FairWin starts preparation for the Pre-ICO

January, 29th

The FairWin company refuses any fundraising before launching its game prototype. The Pre-ICO stage will begin after the release of the game prototype on March, 11th and end on April, 14th, 2018.

The working prototype of our game platform will dispel any fears that our investors might have.

The creation of a high-quality game, the search for the right solution of technical, organizational and legal issues takes a lot of time. As our purpose is not to simply “grab” money during the ICO, we treat these things with special care, trying to eliminate all defects and take all details into consideration.

Now we are reconsidering the website design and its concept, we had to rewrite our White Paper all over again and we are still not sure that this is the definitive variant.

It took us almost three weeks to put together a team of talented designers and programmers. But now we are almost ready and very soon we will run to the finish line.