How the FairWin platform works

March, 2nd

The FairWin pre-ICO is due to start on the 11th of March 2018. It means that there are only a few days left. Meanwhile we are going to tell you how the FairWin platform works.

The whole game process takes place outside the Blockchain system which allows for instantaneous moves in the game.

There is no more need to wait for the validation of the transactions. Only the depositing and withdrawal of funds will be done on the Blockchain basis.

The sequence of the game moves will be signed with a unique key and checked by both the client and the server, which will guarantee the security of the game session.

Game turns on the FairWin platform are up to 10 times less expensive than those on other platforms (reduced gas cost).

The process of integration into other platforms is extremely easy, in just 2 clicks. That is why it is developer-friendly.

The FairWin platform functions on the FWIN base — the token of the FairWin platform. Investors, game developers and partners receive FWIN tokens as compensation.
The FairWin platform mechanics scheme looks like this.

You can find more about it in our White Paper.
Hope this article was useful for you!

FairWin pre-ICO: March, 11th — April, 14th 2018
FairWin ICO: May, 7th 2018

White Paper