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on the Ethereum blockchain

The first stage of the token sale is live. To buy the FWIN tokens, fill out the registration form


3000 FWIN is traded for 1 USD. The FWIN tokens will be used for all transactions in the FairWin games

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Read more about the FairWin project and our technologies

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Read more about the FairWin project and our technologies

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Read more about the FairWin project and our technologies

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Read more about the FairWin project and our technologies

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About FairWin


They are costly to open.

Building a platform and covering bets demands large investments, so only wealthy people can afford running online casinos.

Their house edge is high.

Legacy casinos usually work with a 10% edge to cover their initial losses and gain profit.

They can`t be trusted.

No one can know for sure if casinos aren’t cheating by delivering less than fair results. More than that, players run the risk of being robbed of their money – such casinos can disappear!


They are slow.

Transactions on a blockchain like Ethereum may take up to a few minutes. This is a huge disappointment for players who expect instant results.

They are expensive.

The cost of transactions on a blockchain is unjustifiably high.

They are boring.

Even the new blockchain-based casinos (although they have practically solved other casino-related problems) are not developed by online casino experts, so they can`t offer the excitement that casino players are accustomed to.


Fast Game Process

Our platform does not need confirmation from miners for every turn, almost all transactions are off-chain. This is what players expect – instant games.

Low Cost

FairWin is a platform that makes the house decentralized. This in turn makes starting a casino cheap, plus developers can now create simple user interfaces that connect games and players.

Provably Fair

Mathematically verifiable randomly generated game outcomes mean that players can finally breathe freely, knowing that the casino isn’t swindling them.


Funds are not kept by a single entity, but rather enter into escrow by means of a smart contract, which makes it impossible for the house to disappear leaving you with nothing. Players simply deposit, make bets and withdraw.

Simple Authorization

The mass market is accustomed to but doesn’t like KYC (know your customer) procedures. KYC attached to a user`s Ethereum address lets the player enter the game with very little trouble.

Entertaining and Mobile

FairWin is run by online casino professionals with over a decade of experience. We know how to bring real excitement that online casino players demand and deserve. Our gaming platform goes beyond desktop computers, bringing the best, most exciting games to all players, no matter what their device or browser are.

We have improved the technologies used by other game platforms on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Adaptability. The FairWin platform supports all devices and browsers.

Convenience. Developers of games worldwide can easily create 2D and 3D games on the FairWin platform.

Speed. All game process in the FairWin system takes place outside blockchain, therefore all game turns happen instantly.

Safety. The Ethereum blockchain technology guarantees the fairness of winnings and eliminates the possibility of swindle by game organizers.

Universality. Game bets on the FairWin platform are made only with the FWIN token.

We offer the FairWin game platform not only to users, but are ready to deliver games to our partners.

The main advantage of blockchain-based game platforms is full transparency. But as the whole game process is on-chain, where every game action is represented by a transaction, whose confirmation can take from 2 to 15-20 minutes (that can take a lot of time to confirm), players get no kick out of the game.

Therefore we have developed the FairChannel technology that makes game process instant. All bets and the RNG mechanics of games on the FairWin platform are arranged through FairChannel, so only two transactions take place in the Ethereum blockchain - at the beginning and at the end of the game - the deposition and withdrawal of funds.

Thanks to FairChannel, the game remains transparent (anyone can be check it by looking at the smart contract code).The time between game actions gets shorter, as they are processed outside the blockchain..

You can find more detailed information about FairChannel in our White Paper


THE FWIN tokens

Benefits for the FWIN token holders. The FairWin platform will only accept the FWIN tokens. These tokens are universal and are used as chips to make bets and as compensation to developers of games on the FairWin platform.

All transactions in the FairWin system will be conducted only with the FWIN tokens and be instant.

The number of the issued FWIN tokens is limited, that guarantees a high demand on them and the competitive offer in the market. Token value will increase as new playgrounds and players join us.

Company partners can buy the FWIN tokens at a stock exchange or will receive them during our ICO. The first profit is expected as early as the beginning of 2019.

You can find more detailed information about the FWIN token mechanics in our White Paper


Roman Morozov


Results-driven and structure oriented, proven specialist and a master of change. Thriving in challenging, collaborative, fast-paced environment. Entrepreneur, visionary, jack of all trades.

Sergey Bolshakov

Lead Developer

Always looking for opportunities to grow as a software developer, which will contribute to continued growth and success of the organization. 9 years of strong experience working in JavaScript, AngularJs, HTML5, WebGL.

Mark Peters

Frontend Developer

Over 10 years experience in JavaScript, C# , Java and PHP development but always open for other technologies. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Mihai Morosanu

Frontend developer

An experienced game developer with over 150 games created for clients, starting from 2011.

Alex Svetlov

PR Specialist

Experienced specialist of PR. Strong creative professional skilled in publicity, traditional & digital media, influencer relations, marketing strategy, social media, media & consumer events, and writing/editing.

Andrew Harrington

Marketing Specialist

Enthusiastic and versatile person. Fast learner and flexible person, able to adapt to many different situations, whose motivation and passion make the real difference between failure and success.

Cameron Davis

Web Designer

Passionate and dedicated to the created website, working around the clock. Expert in various areas of web design which include web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization.

Tom Bailey

Graphic Designer

Working as a creative graphic designer for respectable companies for 10 years. Committed to producing appealing, clean graphics. UI design is my passion, I love creating both unusual and classic designs.


Since 2007 our team has created more than 500 unique games.

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