The platform provides support for 3D games.
Game client HTML5 / WebGL. The gaming platform runs on any device and any browser.
Mathematics, tested for years with a guarantee of wins.
Advanced control panel, developed on the most modern vue.js framework.
Playing moves up to 10 times cheaper than on other platforms (gas cost).
The process of integration into other platforms occurs in 2 clicks.
Fully decentralized technology after platform release.
Any financial transactions inside the FairWin platform are made only on FWIN tokens.
The whole game process takes place outside the Blockchain system, thanks to this, the moves in the game are completed instantly. No more waiting for transaction confirmation. On Blockchain only the input and output of funds occurs.
The guarantor of honesty. Each game move is generated using the Random Number Generator.
The sequence of game moves is signed by a unique key and checked by the client and the server - so the security of the game session is guaranteed. From the outside, it is impossible to influence it.
Open platform architecture, convenient for developers.

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