What are the FWIN tokens for?

January, 14th

They will be used In all games on the FairWin platform. Players will make bets and perform transactions using them. Subsequently the FWIN tokens can be exchanged for Ethereum or Bitcoin at specialised cryptocurrency exchanges. The FWIN token cost will depend on the number of players on the platform. That is, the higher the demand for the FWIN tokens is, the higher their market price is at a stock exchange. It is the basic law of the market.

BTC, ETH or any other cryptocurrency or tokens are not used on the FairWin platform. To start the game, players will need to get some FWINs.

Why have we done this?

The truth is that casinos on blockchain, where bets are made in cryptocurrencies, are frequently very slow. The main difference between FairWin and other platforms on Blockchain consists in that game process takes place not in the blockchain system but inside FairChannel.

FairChannel is an algorithm of acceleration of game transactions. Thanks to it game process occurs instantly, and only two transactions are performed in the blockchain system — one at the beginning, when the player deposits tokens, the other at the end when he decides to take the prize and log off.

FairWin plans not only to share the game platform with developers of games, but also to deliver game content. Right now we are working on the creation of a game prototype where any interested person can test the game platform free of charge.